Please use this area to preview various tracks from both of
Will Danforth's albums.


Bag of Bones

Discover What You've Got

Bucketful of Blues

Close to the Fire


So You Want Me to Change

I've Been Searchin'

The Shores of Lake Superior
    The Gifts of Nature
The River & the Sky


One More Day of Peace

Celebrate Life


No Hard Time Blues

One Meatball

Have a Little Faith

People Get Ready

Waltz Me to Heaven

Springfield Mountain

No Woman No Cry

Why Can't We Be One

Out Behind the Factory

You're Gonna Change

I'm Comin' as Fast as I Can

Where Beauty Is Found


Will's albums may be purchased through and, or by sending a personal check to:
P.O. Box 665,
Chester, VT 05143

Here's the price list:
Skeletons CDs - $15; tapes - $10.
Where Beauty Is Found CDs - $12; tapes - $8.

Please include P&H of $1.50 for one unit, $2.50 for two, etc.
Thank you!


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