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Concert venues
House Concerts
School assemblies
Charitable events
Civic affairs
Art shows

Church & spiritual events
Corporate or other retreats
Restaurants & taverns
Folk & bluegrass festival
Historical & traditional events
Senior facilities
Private parties

Playing ...

Acoustic guitar, in both flat- and finger-picking styles

And, depending on the occasion:
Slide guitar (resophonic)
Harmonica (blues harp)
Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer
Jew's Harp
Octave Mandolin

in traditional and contemporary styles of ...
Folk, blues, country, and originals.
Singer-songwriter shows are 90% originals.
Specialized programs:
Educational programs
for schools, libraries & historical museums:

"American Folk Music Traditions" :
• featuring a variety of traditional instruments... for kids or adults. Programs can highlight particular traditions, such as blues, the old west, the fusion of Celtic & African heritages, work & functional songs

"The Musical Legacy of Woody Guthrie" :
• his famous "dust bowl ballads" peppered with tales and info from those hard times.

"The Fusion of Celtic & African Heritages" :
• the early days of the unusual marriage between these unique styles, the offspring of which is modern American pop music, inlcuding blues & jazz.

Programs for ESL (English as a Second Language) classes :
• an introduction to American folk classics, with explanations of verbal idioms and plenty of singing.

Spiritual programs
for churches and spiritual centers:

"One Man's Journey"
• a song-scape of my personal spiritual journey.


Historical programs
for festivals and historical museums & institutions.

Workshops in songwriting & singing in harmony

"A Traditional Christmas Eve" - an evening of familiar carols and unfamiliar on autoharp, lap dulcimer, guitar, and slide.

Theatrical productions: music for "The Grapes of Wrath," adapted for the stage by Frank Galati from the book by John Steinbeck, scored for solo performer with guitar, two slide guitars, harmonica, and jew's harp.

I have played and written songs for over 30 years, and I think you will agree that the experience shows through. I love personalizing my performances, whether around a theme or a particular style of music, and I work hard to bring a selection of songs that will please you and your audience. I am very confident that you’ll be happy with my work. To inquire about these programs via email, click on Or, you can call me at 802-875-1715. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or special needs. Thank you for your consideration!





My second album is 100% originals, produced in 1998 by Michael King and David Mosher, two of southeast Michigan's hottest producers working with roots-based music. Also showing up are some of the area's best musicians. The songs come from folk, blues, country, pop, rock, reggae, gypsy, and Mexican influences. The album produced one winner and one runner-up in the 15th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, sponsored by the Songwriters' Assoc. of Washington, DC ("Discover What You've Got" and "Celebrate Life", respectively).


The national folk magazine, Sing Out!, had this to say:

"The array of instruments he plays gives him a built-in variety of sonic settings available to his compositions, what with guitars, banjo, dulcimer, blues harp and penny whistle at his command...a solid introduction to Danforthıs genial songs and singing."

Credits -

Producers: Michael King, David Mosher, & Will Danforth
Instrumentation: Will Danforth
Vocal Arrangements: Will Danforth

The Players -

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, blues harp, slide, banjo & dulcimer: Will Danforth
Drums & percussion: Danny Cox
Electric bass: Joe Lambert
Standup bass: Dan Kolton
Accordion & concertina: Cheri Whalen
Organ: Al Hill
Fiddle & mandolin: David Mosher
Electric Guitar: Michael King
Backup Vocals: Beverly Buzinski, Megan Danforth, Will Danforth, David Mosher.

Recorded at The Mission Studio, Birmingham, MI.
Engineer: Michael King




This is my first album, from 1994. It was a Christmas present for my parents, never intended for release, but after a few compliments, and a few more, well, I guess, OK. And it's turned out to be a great demo for all the different venues and styles I play, from toddlers to elders, and temple to taproom. It's solo, guitar w/some blues harp, 8 covers and 4 originals. The covers are favorites that I still perform from folk, blues, country, pop & reggae sources.

Produced by Jeff LaDuke & Will Danforth.
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Jeff LaDuke at Stoney Creek Studios, Rochester, MI.

Will's albums may be purchased through and, or by sending a personal check to:
P.O. Box 665,
Chester, VT 05143

Here's the price list:
Skeletons CDs - $15; tapes - $10.
Where Beauty Is Found CDs - $12; tapes - $8.

Please include P&H of $1.50 for one unit, $2.50 for two, etc.
Thank you!